Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Intercash's sophisticated corporate EFT technology platform allows corporations located anywhere in the world to efficiently execute and control all their fund transfer activities.

Once Intercash sets up your customized platform, you have full control of all electronic money transfer transactions through our convenient user-friendly interface and secure robust platform.

EFT services are the ideal solution for a range of payment needs: direct deposit of salaries into employee bank accounts, issuing refunds, rebates and prizes to your customers worldwide.

Our EFT technology platform supports ACH, ESP, BAC and allows our clients to manage several different types of currency accounts. Intercash's secure and technologically-advanced EFT service features are designed to ensure funds are transferred in a cost and time effective manner.


Our advanced technology allows us to enable large volumes of financial activities at a time, so as your business grows, our services expand.

  • You can keep up to date at all times and monitor transactions using Intercash's Web-based Report & Management Center that offers sophisticated reporting and statistics features.
  • Rely on Intercash services to facilitate payments for salaries, invoices, refunds, rebates, prizes and other kinds of payments to customers and employees worldwide.
By providing corporations with this convenient and efficient service, Intercash contributes to the success of their businesses by satisfying their customers and employees.